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A Day At the Cottage in Winter

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Winter is, well, cold; yet strangely enjoyable – if you have the right attitude and a nice cabin with warm fire to sit in.

I think we hit record low today… -40 °C with wind chill! Even the part of the water that normally don’t freeze (since the channel narrows and water runs fast) has flash-froze.



Flash freeze.

But there is still work to do! It’s the day of Yurta maintenance. 2ft of snow on top of the Yurta needs to come down. Even though the structure can handle the snow load, it stretches the fabric which we will like to avoid.



Got a bit too intense and lost my shovel.

We also made a double glazed (with plastic) frame for the window opening, which has just a mesh covering the hole. We want the view without the wind!



Much better. Barely notice the frame with plastic.

It’s also the valentine’s day. What a coincidence. Red lanterns for accent.


A bit of festive spirit!


Yurta setup

Yurta! Camping in style.

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In partnership with Yurta (yurta.ca) we are very pleased to get a 17′ Yurta for Washagami Landing!

Yurta is an amazing and unique shelter – simple, strong, and easy to set up. It is inspired by, and improved from yurt – the Mongolian round tent – with more modern material and technology. It’s also designed and manufactured in Ontario! (more history of the Yurta – and how to acquire one yourself! Can be found on their website. Their contact Patrick is one very awesome guy).

This structure is both beautiful and very practical. And now it sits by Washagami Lake, secluded in the wood, and becoming part of the beautiful scenery. We want to make this an option for the more adventurous type.
Being inside is a fascinating experience. It’s definitely different from the cottages – you feel much closer to the land. It evokes a more… spiritual experience.

More photos of the interior and exterior setup to come soon.

Check out the video below of the installation. The Yurta setup took two of us just shy of 2 hrs – much shorter than the time it took to build and paint the floor it sits on.


Yurta at Washagami Landing. 20 ft to the water and surrounded by blueberry bushes.