Fall around Washagami Landing is quite colourful. Although there are not as many maple trees that will turned gorgeous red, there are many poplar and birch which blanket the forest with a golden blaze.
I suspect that maple takes longer to establish and the faster growing poplar / birch has taken over for now.

Fall colour

Pass the gate and you are in a “golden shower”

Fall colour

On the way to the lake you will pass by this lovely stream by the old rail bed (which is now used as ATV/snowmobile trail)

Fall colour pine needles

The pine needles are great at blanketing every surface. While it can be quite poetic, it’s sort of a headache for site maintenance.

Fall also means a lot of site upkeep. The pine needles can be quite destructive to buildings as they are slightly acidic when decomposing. They will create weak spots on roofs and decking if left unattended after a few years. And we have trailer loads of them all over the property! Time for some yard work.